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No one will care more for your lawn than us. We are dedicated lawn care professionals and pride ourselves on giving you an exceptional lawn care service.

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Advanced lawn care
We are committed to giving customers the very latest in lawn care technology. Our fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides and moss control products are state-of-the-art treatments. These products are used at top sporting venues such as Wimbledon and Wentworth and are not available to the general public.

Unique products
We use a range of products which are unique to Lawn 3. Miraclemoss (an organic moss treatment programme) and Mowless (a treatment which slows above ground growth to aid mowing) are unique to Lawn 3.

Fully qualified staff
Everyone who treats your lawn is a qualified Lawn 3 Green Keeper. Our lawn training programmes are recognised as the most comprehensive in the lawn maintenance industry. We don’t employ temporary or unqualified staff to treat your lawn. You can ensure that the treatments are carried out correctly at the most appropriate time of year

All our operators hold full PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications which certify them to purchase, prepare and calibrate professional herbicides and sprayers and to operate them to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.

Lawn3 is a full member of the Institute of Groundsmanship, a professional an organisation founded by groundsmen, for groundsmen.

Saves you money
Our treatments cost less than buying and applying similar products yourself. In addition much of the equipment we use is expensive for the amateur gardener to hire or buy such as scarifiers, aerators and fertiliser hoppers.

Saves you time
By employing our services you are able to just sit back and enjoy your lawn rather than spending time maintaining it.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Well help transform your lawn into the lush, green showpiece you want it to be. If you have any concerns about your lawn between your scheduled treatments, we’ll be there in 48 hours at no additional charge to you.

Free lawn assessment
One of our lawn care specialists will visit your home to carry out a free, no obligation assessment of your lawn’s current condition and recommend a course of treatments. Click for details